Descriptions of the fine arts classes offered in the program

Dance Combo

Dance Combo classes are a mix of tap, jazz and musical theatre styles. Tap dancing is playing music with your feet! Students develop rhythmic skills and coordination while practicing their tap steps and technique. Jazz is an energetic and fun dance style with big kicks and leaps, quick turns and fancy footwork.  Musical theatre can be  based on jazz or tap technique and combines dancing, acting and singing (or lip syncing) to create production pieces from movies and musicals. Classes include a warm up, across the floor, and time to practice a choreographed routine that will be performed in our recital. Aspire dance uniform , jazz and tap shoes required for this class. All dance classes require girls long hair to be tied up in a pony tail or bun. 

Musical Theatre 

Be a triple threat! In this class we combine singing, dancing & acting to create production pieces from popular movies and musicals. The class begins with a jazz style warm up and across the floor exercises, and then progresses into learning a song & dance for a production number that will be performed in our dance recital or in house performance. Bring your creativity and outgoing attitude! Aspire dance uniform and jazz shoes required for this class. All dance classes require girls long hair to be tied up in a pony tail or bun. 


Jazz is an energetic and fun dance style with big kicks and leaps, quick turns and fancy footwork. Jazz is based in ballet technique, and because of this, dancers with a strong foundation in ballet can excel in jazz.  Each lesson begins with a warm up and progresses through steps that are practiced 'across the floor’. The class will then work on choreographed routines that will be performed in the recital or an in house performance.Each class will conclude with a stretch and cool down. This is a great class for flexibility, strength, performance, and style. Aspire dance uniform and jazz shoes required for this class. All dance classes require girls long hair to be tied up in a pony tail or bun. 


Ballet training is the foundation of technical dance. Students learn correct posture, and discipline while developing strength and an appreciation for music. Our ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. The Royal Academy of Dance is a worldwide organization that sets and maintains the standards of ballet technique and teaching practices. Students are taught both open and set work in a positive upbeat, and supportive environment. Students will have the opportunity to enter their RAD examination once they have met the standards of technique and performance that is required for a successful exam. Each class will also prepare a routine for our recital. Aspire dance uniform, ballet tights, black ballet skirt and ballet slippers are required for girls in this class. Aspire dance uniform with white ballet slippers are required for boys. Ballet classes require girls long hair to be tied up in secured bun. Students in level 2 and up (example Flame and Inferno) are encouraged to take an additional ballet class from our rec schedule if they want to purse RAD exams and would like to move through the levels faster. 


Our music classes will run in 6 week units that introduce and explore a variety of instruments over the school year.   Planned sessions include voice techniques, acoustic guitar, drums, bass guitar, keyboard, electric guitar and music theory such as rhythms, tempos, music notes and symbols. This class will prepare several short group songs to perform in our music recitals. 

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a funky dance style, evolved through hip hop culture and street dance. In this class, dancers start with a warm up, followed by introduction and practice & coaching of hip hop and break dance style moves. Time for freestyling and short choreographed routines included. Students learn fun routines to popular (but always age appropriate!) songs. Kids classes will have the opportunity to showcase their work in our recital. Aspire dance uniform and white indoor only runners are required for this class. All dance classes require girls long hair to be tied up in a pony tail or bun. 


Children  will be introduced to many different visual art styles and projects in this class. Drawing techniques with pencil, crayon, pastels and painting with watercolour and other mediums plus fun craft and sculpting projects. This class is a great outlet for creativity! 


Acro dance is different from gymnastics in many ways but it shares similar stretches and tricks such as cartwheels and handstands. Our Acro classes start with a basic acro warm up to prepare, strengthen, and stretch muscles. Students are then led through a circuit which includes acro stretches, contortion, poses, and basic tumbling. Our teachers follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus and can enter students in exams which help to motivate them and gauge their progress. This class is great for improving strength, balance and flexibility. An excellent compliment to ballet and jazz training. It's a unique creative outlet, and an amazing confidence builder for children. "Look what I can do!" Aspire dance uniform and barefeet required for this class. All dance classes require girls long hair to be tied up in a pony tail or bun.



Group Piano lessons include time learning to play piano in groups of 5 or fewer students. Students will be assessed and divided into groups according to skill level. Our students use Faber method music books and are encouraged to progress through the levels at their own pace. Time to practice piano is also given to the students in Glow & Flare groups each day however home practice is encouraged as well and the Faber books are available to purchase from our online store if you wish to have a book for home practice.  All music students have the opportunity to perform in our annual music showcase. 

IGNITE After School Fine Arts Program 2019-2020

Thank you for your interest in our IGNITE After School Fine Arts Program. Our goal is to provide a quality arts education to elementary school aged children that allows them to explore a variety of arts, ignites their passion for the arts and nurtures their growth and development as a whole child. 


We offer a complimentary shuttle service Monday to Friday from the following schools: Katzie, Hazelgrove, Hillcrest, Clayton, Adams Road, Don Christian, Martha Currie, Cloverdale Traditional, Surrey Christian, Diamond, Greenaway, AJ Maclellan, Surrey Center, Cloverdale Catholic (Please call to inquire about other schools in the Cloverdale area).


Our program runs from 2:30-5:30 each school day. We also offer day camps for Surrey School District Pro-D Days, Spring Break and Summer break.


There are six different groups in the IGNITE program. The names of the groups are Kindle, Spark, Flicker, Flame,  Glow and Flare. The difference between the groups is the ages and the fine arts programming.


Simply choose the group that best suits your child’s age, interest and experience level and log into to our registration portal to Pre-Register online. Pre-registrations are accepted on a first come first serve basis. Someone from the office will contact you after you have pre-registered online to confirm your fine arts programming and school shuttle details.


Thank you for considering our IGNITE program for the 2019-2020 school year. Please feel welcome to contact our office with any questions you may have.

Please note that registration for 2020-2021 school year opens online Feb 1st 2020

Details about the shuttle from school

Our fleet of shuttle vehicles consists of school buses, personal vehicles, 13 passenger and regular 6 passenger vans. All commercial vehicles are regularly serviced, properly insured and have passed biannual government inspections. Drivers have on record the following:

-criminal record check

-ICBC clean drivers abstract

-class 4 or 5 drivers license

-first aid certificate

Drivers have an attendance list of the children that are on their route. A meeting place / bus stop is established at each school and students are responsible to 'catch' their bus after school each day. In most cases, children in Kindergarten and grade one are met by their driver at their classroom door unless other arrangements have been made such a walking to the bus with a sibling or group. Drivers carry a badge and can identify themselves to all school staff, parents and children as ASPIRE shuttle drivers. A meeting is held prior to the first day of school so that a meeting spot and other pick arrangements can be established. NOTE: pick ups not available for kindergarten gradual entry. Parents are asked to make their own arrangements for pick up and transportation to Aspire for classes during kindergarten gradual entry

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