Our competitive dance program is designed  to give students opportunities to train more intensively, perform  more often, and earn recognition for their efforts. The competitive dance program is for serious dancers who are able to commit to a more rigorous training schedule, are fully dedicated and ready to make dance their number one priority over other extra curricular activities and social events, are emotionally ready for the concept of competing in a highly demanding sport.  Admission to our competitive program is by teacher recommendation only. Students must apply for teams each year and may be required to attend try outs for placement on the teams. If a student cannot attend try outs he or she may schedule an audition class in a private lesson (see pricing on registration page). The competitive dance program also involves more of a financial commitment than the recreational dance program due to more class fees, extra lessons and workshops, costume fees, fees for props and sets, team apparel, competition entry fees and travel costs.  At the beginning of each season parents of students who have been accepted into the competitive dance program attend a meeting where competition events, trips, and fundraisers are discussed and decided upon. Students who are interested in joining our competitive dance program should fill out an application below.  Once you have filled out the application we will contact you with your try outs time (if needed) / team placement. Try outs and audition classes are open to everyone and we do have several levels of teams for each age group.  Good luck to everyone! 

Competitive Dance 


When and where are try outs?

3-7PM SUNDAY, MAY 5th 2019 @ ASPIRE  


Who can come to the team try outs?

Children ages 6 -16yrs can come. They will be seperated into groups by age.

Do I have to come to try outs if my child danced on the team last year?

If your child is on a team this season (ie. Jazz) and would like to be on the same team next year then you don't need to come to try outs for that but you do need to fill out an application so that we know he/she wants to be on the team again.  If your child wants to be on different or additional teams (ie. was on jazz team but now wants to be on acro team as well) then he/she does have to come to try outs for that. 

When do I arrive?

 Fill out an application and we will contact you with your try out time(s). Arrive 15-20 mins early to get your number and start stretching/warming up.

When will my child be finished?

Once you fill out an application your child will be given an audition time. Your  child will be done approximately 20-30 mins after their scheduled audition time.  

Is there a cost for the try out class? 

Each audition is $5

How and when will we know the results of the try outs?

We will email team placements about a week after try outs.


What if my child gets accepted to a team and I change my mind?

It's up to you. Once we send the team placements we will be asking for your confirmation.

I want my child to do a solo or duo in competition. How do I arrange that?

Click the 'TEAM & SOLO/DUO APPLICATION' button above and scroll to the bottom of that page. You will find a form where you can request a solo or duo. We will contact you to discuss your request.

Do I have to dance on a group team to have a solo or duo in competition? 


What should my child wear/bring for try outs?

Water bottle. Any dance wear that is not baggy and shows us your body lines clearly. Hair up off of face and neck. Put in some effort! You are there to make a good impression! No makeup or jewelry . Bring whatever dance shoes you have (jazz, ballet,tap, clean runners, foot undies) and don't worry if you don't have certain shoes. Bring what you have and show us what you've got!


What sort of time commitments are involved in the competitive dance team?

Each team has a weekly class/rehearsal. Additional rehearsals are often scheduled during breaks such as winter break and spring break and sometimes pro d days and weekends. We attend 3 local events and a road trip. Parents will know the date ranges for each event in September and will be given a specific day and time for each event about 4 weeks prior to each event. Events are held on weekdays and on weekends and can be during school / work hours. Students must attend ALL events and rehearsals to remain in good standing with the team. This will sometimes mean missing school or birthday parties or other events to attend events and rehearsals. It will also mean booking family holidays and other events around the competitive team events. Please consider these commitments carefully before accepting any invitations to our teams. 

What sort of financial commitments are involved in the competitive dance team?

In addition to the costs of regular weekly classes and extra rehearsals, there are entry fees for each competition ( about  $35-45 per event- solos and duos cost more $60+ per entry) & fees for costumes, costume alterations, makeup, sets, props, accessories (expect $100-200  per routine for costuming and props). There are also costs for team apparel (team jackets required for all events $120), travel and accommodations for the road trip (parents responsible for making their own arrangements for travel and hotels). Please consider these costs carefully before accepting any invitations to our teams. 

What are the expectations of parents on the competitive dance team?

In addition to bringing their child to all rehearsals and events and paying their fees promptly, parents are expected to take initiative and play an active role in organizing the details of costuming, sets and props for each routine. Any work done by the teachers to choose and obtain costumes,sets and props needed for your child's routine is done on a volunteer basis. Parents are expected to offer their assistance to teachers in organizing these details for their child. Parents should make sure that their child has the music for their routine and is practicing at home.  Parents should read all emails and instructions very carefully and keep organized notes on rehearsal times, event dates and locations, costuming details etc. Parents should have the link to our live competitive calendar on their phone or computer and should ideally be part of the competitive parents Facebook group

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