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#cantholdus dance challenge 
send us a video of yourself doing this dance or playing the song on piano or guitar. Don't forget to add some freestyling!   https://youtu.be/NfOPFcNJPVM


student choreography dance challenge 
send us a video of your own choreography in any style. Three routines will be selected to be learned and performed by Aspire teachers!
Family dance challenge 
send us a video of your family doing the 'cant' hold us' dance OR another dance of your choice. Have fun showing them some moves and dancing together!
Famous Canadian Dancer Challenge
Choose a famous Canadian dancer and do some research to find out more about him/her. Tell us who you chose , show us a picture and tell us 3 facts about him/her.  



Activity 1 - Dance Bingo! Click here to print and fill out your dance bingo sheet and then send us a pic.

Activity 2-Inspire us! Send us a song you want to use for a routine. Tell us what style the routine would be and explain why it would be an awesome choice for that style.

Activity 3 - Perfect your pirouette! Use this cool video for tips!-------------->

Activity 4- Get inspired! Find an inspiring dance photo or video and send it to us with an explanation of why it inspires you and what goal it has inspired you to set.  

Activity 5- Complete your  very own Growth Mindset Booklet. 

Although our dance season looks much different than we all thought, it's a great time to take the time to work through this booklet so that we can set our goals and prepare our minds for success once we get back to the studio. 

1. click here to download the booklet

2. print and complete pages 14-44

3. use pages 1-13 to help you



Contest #1 Re-create a dance photo of your choice. Send us a side by side of the two pics. Best entry wins! See example ---->

Contest #2 Design a dance costume! Choose a song and design a dance costume for it. Send us a drawing of your costume design and tell us what song your chose. Good luck! 

Contest #3 Jellybean guess! How many jellybeans do you think are in this jar? Send us your guess. 

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