at home learning & training


download the ZOOM app and join us for an online class!

For online classes you will need proper dancewear and a clear area at least 6X6ft 


#cantholdus dance challenge 
send us a video of yourself doing this dance or playing the song on piano or guitar. Don't forget to add some freestyling!   https://youtu.be/NfOPFcNJPVM
Family dance challenge 
send us a video of someone in your family doing a dance position or move that you taught them.
24hr dance challenge 
Go one whole day using only dance moves to move around. Instead of walking or running try walking or running on your toes, skipping, galloping, hopping or marching. Add some twirls and you will be dancing through the day! 

Learning a dance is BIG challenge! If you do the #cantholdus dance challenge you can put star stickers on TWO squares of your online learning sheet.


Activity 1 -dance in a fancy outfit

Activity 2 -dance with a prop

Activity 3- work on your balance

Activity 4 - go outside and get moving 

Activity 5- write me a 5 line poem about dance. 

1st line starts with D

2nd line starts with A

3rd line starts with N

4th line stars with C

5th line starts wiht E



Contest #1 Colouring contest! print this colouring page and do your very best job to colour it in. Send it to us when you are done!

Contest #2 Design a dance costume! Choose a song and design a dance costume for it. Send us a drawing of your costume design and tell us what song your chose. Good luck! 

Contest #3 Jellybean guess! Susie Bear and Penny Panda have some jellybeans! How many jellybeans do you think are in the jar? Send us your guess. 

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