Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Program

Girls and Boys Ages 5yrs+

The Royal Academy of Dance is a worldwide organization that sets and maintains the standards of ballet technique and teaching practices. Our ballet classes follow the RAD syllabus and are taught or overseen by an RAD certified and registered teacher. Students are taught both open and set work in a positive upbeat, and supportive environment. Students will have the opportunity to enter their RAD examination once they have met the standards of technique and performance that is required for a successful exam. Each class will also prepare a routine for our recital and other performances. Students in grade 2 and above are required to take class twice a week to be eligible for RAD exams.





Girls & Boys 5yrs+

Our Acro classes start with a basic acro warm up to prepare, strengthen, and stretch muscles. Students are then led through a circuit which includes acro stretches, contortion, poses, and basic tumbling (some levels of acro have separate classes to learn and coach the tumbling skills). Our teachers follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus and can enter students in exams which help to motivate them and gauge their progress. This class is great for improving strength, balance and flexibility. An excellent compliment to ballet and jazz training. It's a unique creative outlet, and an amazing confidence builder for children. "Look what I can do!" Students are placed in levels according to age first, and then move through the levels as skills are accomplished. 



Dance Combo

Girls & Boys 5-6yrs & 7-8yrs

Dance combo classes are designed to introduce our younger students to Musical Theatre, Jazz and Tap dance styles. The class starts with a jazz style warm up and across the floor exercises to learn jazz style steps such as chasses, walks, runs, kicks, leaps and turns. Teachers coach acting and performance skills through games and fun combos. Part of each class will also be spent learning basic tap steps and technique (tap shoes provided!). Dance combo classes will have a musical theatre style routine in the recital that showcases their jazz and tap technique as well as what they have learned about acting and performance. This class has so much going on for these kiddos and they will leave every class wanting more!

Jazz & Lyrical

Girls & Boys 9yrs+

Jazz is an energetic and fun dance style with big kicks and leaps, quick turns and fancy footwork. Lyrical is an adapted form of jazz that uses movement to express strong emotions. Both styles are based in ballet technique, and because of this, dancers with a strong foundation in ballet can excel in these classes.  Each lesson begins with a warm up and progresses through steps that are practiced 'across the floor’. The class will then work on choreographed routines that will be performed in the recital and at other performances in the spring. Each class will conclude with a stretch and cool down. This is a great class for flexibility, strength, performance, and style. Recreational classes are a combination of jazz and lyrical styles. It is recommended (but not required)  that students take ballet classes to improve technique needed for jazz and lyrical.   

Musical Theatre

Girls & Boys 9yrs+

Be a triple threat! In this class we combine singing, dancing & acting to create production pieces from popular movies and musicals. The class begins with a jazz style warm up and across the floor exercises, and then progresses into learning a song & dance for a production number. Bring your creativity and outgoing attitude!

Hip Hop

Girls & Boys 5yrs+

Hip Hop is a funky dance style, evolved through hip hop culture and street dance. In this class, dancers start with a warm up, followed by introduction and practice & coaching of hip hop and break dance style moves. Time for freestyling and short choreographed routines included. Students learn fun routines to popular (but always age appropriate!) songs. Kids classes will have the opportunity to showcase their work in our spring recital and other community performances. Clean, indoor only runners is all that's needed for this class.


 Girls & Boys 9yrs+

Tap dancing is playing music with your feet! Students develop rhythmic skills and coordination while practicing their tap steps and technique. Classes include a warm up, across the floor, and time to practice a choreographed routine that will be performed in our recital in the spring and other community performances. 


 Girls & Boys 9yrs+

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. Dancers with some training in jazz, lyrical and ballet who are ready for a fresh medium of expression will thrive in our contemporary dance classes! 

Recreational Dance

Our Recreational dance program offers classes in a variey of dance styles at the beginner levels. Our classes are structured to build a good foundation of skill, technique and performance in each dance style. The class atmospheres are positive, encouraging, and inclusive. We help our students to build self confidence by building dance skills with clear instruction, safe and logical progressions, attainable goal setting, support, encouragement, and lots of inspiration. Kids LOVE TO DANCE and we are here to ignite their passion!   

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