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Click the link above to register online.You will create a login and password, add your contact info, student info, and add your classes. You can also come back to this area to view and manage your account. 

What costs should I expect? 
  • non- refundable  last months fees are due at registration (NO registration fee)

  • class fees are due on the 1st of each month. We require recurring payment on file such as post dated cheques or a credit card.

  • Classes running in the 6 week session format have a set fee for each session that is paid in full before the first class starts. No deposit required.  

  • Most dance classes require a specific uniform that can be purchased at the dance supply store or from Aspire 

  • Some Visual Art classes have a $25 annual art supply fee 

  • Music lessons require the purchase of music books. The teacher will let you know which book is needed after an initial assessment

  • Some music classes have an instrument rental fee

  • Dance classes will have a recital costume fee of approximately $75 due mid January

  • Tickets to our dance recital in June are approximately $18 each 

  • Media coverage fee for recital video $30 per family (It's a mandatory fee for everyone in the dance recital)

  • Dance classes have a photo day before the recital and parents will have the opportunity to order photos directly from the photography company. 

  • additional costs for competitive dance -inquire

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