Theatre Program

          The study of acting can be a rich and rewarding experience for the student even if the student has no intention of going on to become a professional actor. The effects of studying acting can last your child a lifetime.The skills, confidence and self-esteem that can be developed in an acting class have value beyond the classroom and the stage. Studying theatre helps to develop children’s imagination and critical thinking and refines cognitive and creative skills. It can help children learn life skills such as developing an informed perception, articulating a vision, developing self-confidence and self-discipline, problem solving and decision making. Students will study scenes, or sometimes an entire play. This study involves, not only learning lines, but evaluating and interpreting a script. This is where critical thinking skills are developed. Taking an acting class can be especially useful for a shy child. Studies have shown that shy people generally fare better in a structured social environment. This means that they find it far easier to be involved in a game or activity where they have something specific to do, a role to fulfill. Places like school, where being quiet and obedient is rewarded, can hinder one’s ability to make friends. An acting class is by its very nature, social. Our acting teachers use games and exercises in order to teach skills. Among these games are “ice breakers:” games specifically designed to get students interacting with one another so that they can work together. An acting class is a great place for a child, even a shy one, to make friends because the nature of what they do is social.         


Act out! This is your chance to act up in class. Be funny, be silly, be creative, spontaneous, and open minded! Drama classes start with drama games that help to teach students to be confident, well spoken, quick thinking, and creative. The teacher will coach acting and performance skills -a great compliment to dance training! Students in drama classes will work on short skits and may even put together a play! Our drama classes are offered in a six week session format. Click her to check out classes currently offered!

Musical Theatre

Be a triple threat! In this class we combine singing, dancing & acting to create production pieces from popular movies and musicals. The class begins with a jazz style warm up and across the floor exercises, and then progresses into learning a song & dance for a production number. These classes will prepare a routine for our annual dance recital at the Surrey Arts Center.


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